Wednesday, September 3, 2008

9-3-08 11:24a

my goodness..i have 3 weeks left until i graduate. my mom comes in from home with that i gotta think even harder how things are gonna develop. for the most part i have most of my work done. i need to have progress on my billboard and my ad campaign designs in order to really complete my portfolio. boy am i a wreck. people still get me flustered....i'll actually copy and paste a note that i wrote on my facebook:

Patience. Trust. & Apathy
written sat. aug 23, 2008 @ 3:22 pm

so as you may all know, when i get hung up on chicks...hell, when i see girls i get head over HEELS for them. what you may not know is that its not until i get to know them that I start feelin' em.

what hurts though, is 9 times out of 10, there'll be girls that i'll be feelin' and guess what? THEY HAVE BOYFRIENDS! no huge suprise when i find out, because obviously i'm feelin' these girls so it shows that they're realllly awesome.

i know how to pick 'em i guess. obviously. but seriously WTF!? and im always hearing the same "you'll find someone". but i really need that kind of special attention that you can get when you have a girlfriend. i don't know how i'm gonna find one here but i'll be honest, i dont care to find someone here, unless she wants to live back home. there are 2 (maybe 3, but the third one is kinda getting me a bit flustered) girls that i sweat and they are from back home (the third one is not from home but i'll be speaking as a whole about these girls) i'll try to call, try to txt (i officially am trying to only txt when i can't talk because i like to be personal), BUT WHAT CAN YOU DO IF THESE F*KN CHICKS DON'T GIVE YOU THE TIME OF DAY TO ANSWER YOUR CALLS or your messages!?!

something that really irritates me is when i am ignored. which if you know me, is sorta obvious as i try to make it a point to stand out from about the crowd. but what do i do here? i guess its unfair for me to assume that im being ignored, "maybe they're busy". a simple "yo roann, i'm busy right now, i'll do my best to talk to you at another time" is enough for me. a quick response. thats it. just so i know im not ignored cause other than that, i'll know for sure, you got the memo or voicemail and just brushed it off. do not do that to me. as lighthearted and fun as i come off, i am a vulnerable man who wears his heart on his sleeve and just wants to love or be loved.

another huge thing that i HATE. is when you are flaky. you have me hoping so much to expect maybe hanging out or doing something and low and behold the day before, maybe a couple of hours, F*CK MAYBE EVEN 20 MINUTES before the supposed engagement, "you can't do it". i wanna throw my phone, or a valuable just because i am so frustrated.

so as you can see, i need help. feedback. heck, maybe even just a date. if you know someone, or if you wanna give me some comments. idk, just do whatever. please.


so the underlying idea is i hate being ignored...and thats just how i feel lately

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