Monday, May 11, 2009

back again!

have been away for a while. nothing new to post design wise - but will get to it. had a turbulent time! i had a trojan on the laptop so i had to restore factory settings! lost a few files, but most of them were backed up on the external! have a serious ants problem w/ my electronics. i saw some ants going in and out of the vents for the external so im pretty frenzied!

We bought an iMac just a week ago! haven't set it up yet because we're still trying to clear up work space and have to wait to get our copy of microsoft office back...ANDDD i have cs3 i wanna install in that so im pretty anxious! don't fret though - im no fanboy of either platform. im cross platform proficient! not Mac vs. PC!

soooo anyway, on to the reason for this update! last week thursday I went to a graphic design portfolio show @ the UH art building! it was certainly something i had to blog about as it pertains to why THIS blog exists! below are a few pics i took, pardon the resolution size, (it's just easier to blog with :p)! I was just excited to meet new people/local designers to befriend! The show was definitely a nice dose of inspiration and clean/cute styles.

the venuethe lady thought i was taking a pic of her. haha
free swag i got from 3 designers! shweet!

well, i guess for now, see ya next update!