Monday, January 25, 2010

belated happy new year - new design to kickstart!

aloha! as you can read by the title, i'm a little delayed in wishing everyone a great/happy 2010. so hopefully this year has been going well for you - if not, there's still 11 months left :] (it'll go by quickly no doubt about it).

So for my first blog update for the year, i wanted to talk a little about a design I have up on threadless! it's my first design and if it get's printed I can get $2,500* if it gets printed! (yes...there is an '*' placed there...haha i've never used it consciously before...haha) this is my FIRST ever submission...and i guess it's a long shot hoping it gets printed, but hopefully enough people will like it and it will get printed...(img + link below)

* - $500 of the '$2,500' goes towards threadless' site, where i can buy shirts! :] and if my design gets printed, the first 15 people that can help me promote my design will get a free shirt! (remember, this is only if my shirt gets printed)

I don't know if too many people follow my blog, but any outlet i have at this point helps right?

Any who, here's hoping you have a great rest of January! Will update as soon as updates call for! aloooha!