Monday, March 16, 2009

Target! comes to Hawaii!

So before I begin, I must sincerely apologize for the delay in this 'news'. I honestly lost track of time and have been keeping busy trying to update design-wise, and attend to other things that i'm confident you could care less about.

Regradless, I have composed a myriad of images to showcase and celebrate Targets arrival to Hawai'i!
For those that don't know, I have this uncanny fascination with Target! The way the interior is DESIGNED, the atmosphere, the variety, even their target brand stuff is worth a purchase. Target to me since i've first stepped into one in 2005 has always been my alternative to the evil that is Wal*Mart, (in terms of 'huge department store competition', for something small I always go with Longs). and with the arrival of its Hawai'i store, I just went Bananas.

As depicted on the pictures, you will notice that some things remain unchanged - (the interior and exterior of course) but when you explore, you'll notice that Target Hawai'i has its own exclusive flavor.

Something I noticed when I first went into our Targets were our Shopping Carts. They appear to be almost 100% Plastic (save for the wheels) and this is the first time I've seen them! In my opinion it looks very playful, almost like a big toy.

Another thing to note (which should be a no-brainer) is that Target Hawai'i carries aloha shirts, and its employees are even outfitted in them (with the iconic Target Red of course). These shirts were designed by Tori Richard and Target Hawai'i carries an exclusive line by Tori Richard called "Pau Hana" (which translates 'to done with work') which suggests that you can wear these shirts leisurely!

The last suprise is that the Target Hawai'i menu in their food area carries (aside from their own menu) 3 local favorites! Spam Musubi (with is like a spam sushi), Fried Saimin, and California Rolls!

All in all, Target's arrival (in my opinion) was very welcome and was also populated on the days of its Soft Opening (March 4th) and Grand Opening (March 8th).. I think if i posted this earlier, when the story was relevant, this would've made for a great article. (:p sorry to toot my own horn there) but as always, I'll do my best to update! thanks for reading!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

free dr.pepper!

okay, so this is a day late...or two months it really depends on how you wanna look at it.
So for those that may not know, Dr. Pepper held a promotion that entitled everyone in America to get free Dr. Pepper! the only catch was, that it required Guns-n-Roses to release their long delayed album 'Chinese Democracy' in that year (2008) sort of as a joke, because Chinese Democracy was delayed for like...800 years. but it turns out that Guns-n-Roses decided to release the album that year! So everyone that got to go on Dr. Peppers website to redeem a voucher for Free Dr. Pepper! however, it was only open for a short while, and Dr. Pepper was criticized for this.
some articles for more details can be found here:

Nonetheless, I managed to score myself a coupon. and what's better than Dr. Pepper? free dr. pepper!
all in all, a good way to end feburary (im just glad i made the expiration date)!
thank you guns-n-roses!