Tuesday, February 9, 2010

this weekend is going pretty nicely

i hope i didn't jinx anything...only time will tell how things hold up..here's hoping it continues for the better though...on the lighter note, here's a cool update that many people might not have heard about
(original article on link below)
Heinz revamps ketchup packets

Basically Heinz, you know...the ketchup folks, have taken a step into redesigning their ketchup packets! sure it sounds dorking/nerdy to be updating about packets, but have you seen them? (pix below!)What makes me excited about this new design is that it definitely caters to the people that are more on the go. If you've ever ate french fries in your car, you know that nothing goes better than having ketchup on it. The trouble of course lies with squeezing the ketchup on the fries.

The new ketchup packet is designed to you have a side to peel from if you want to start dipping the fries into the ketchup packet OR peel it from the top. The fact that the ketchup packet is also designed like the kethcup bottles just scores another mark on my book for awesome design.

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