Monday, September 28, 2009

new graphic! deal with the pain!!

For those that may not know, I don't really follow Major League Baseball too much...but I do have love for one team in particular above the rest. Yes, Chicago's "Lovable Losers", the Chicago Cubs.

Last year was a pretty great year to be a Cubs fan, as we were SO CLOSE to making it into the world series...but alas, it wasn't meant to be...and again the same follows this year (well, not the making it close part...but the 'not meant to be' part). If there's anything I learned, its that a true fan never gives up on their team because they don't win everything! Rather, a true fan sticks to their team...and the same goes with the Cubs.

Besides! if I know one thing for sure, they'll at least win in 2015 against Miami! (everyone knows that!) ;] well, here's to next year Chicago!...but for now, i'm just gonna follow....DA BEARS!

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