Monday, September 7, 2009

lego store HI grand opening

so it's been a while since i've updated - bare...bear? with me! i suffer from chronic laziness! and this "update" is near a month delay from when it occured! BUT! it's a nice little read with photos to boot so not all's lost! Anyway, for those that don't know..(who wouldn't that can read a blog) Lego's are a toy used to construct things only limited to your imagination. The iconic brick and lego dudes you might have had the pleasure of playing if you were a kid - whether you're a fan or not you have to admit that they're a very intriguing little dynamo!

the lego store opened up around the first week of august, but had their grand opening on Aug.15/2009. and i found out entirely by a whim on a trip to Ala Moana Mall! so without further adieu, a bunch of photos to record the day are followed below! enjoy!

this is inside the store

this was the only shot of the stage i got where the lego master wasn't mooning the camera!

yes. i got the humuhumunukunukuapua'a set. and yes...that was honestly the only reason i wanted to go! until next blog! aloha!

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