Thursday, December 24, 2009

christmas cards!

Aloha folks! Today is Christmas Eve, and i've just about finished all my deliveries andcard drop offs! I'm so excited to be opening the gifts I have (tomorrow!)

I've created some Christmas Cards for my friends that I mailed out and here are all 3 of the designs!

This one was give out to my friends here. My logo is used as ornaments :P

This one was mailed out mostly to the mainland friends. While it might've been sensible to mail the other one - how often are you gonna hear "Mele Kalikimaka" in the mainland? I also had a lot of these printed out, so I gave some to people here! My logo is used a Surfin' Snowmans face here.

this last one was made only for a few people - by few i mean the people I know that like Animal Crossing :] i LOVE that game and thought it would be fun to have Tom Nook ringing a bell like the people in the salvation army do for christmas time. He also has a Santa Hat on for more enjoyment.
On the back of the cards (cause people DO check the back..thanks HALLMARK!) was this message - on all of them.

SO HOPEFULLY 2010 WILL be a good one! thanks for following some of the few escapades i've had. Here's wishing you well!

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