Friday, October 31, 2008

leave behinds

so as this is supposed to be my blog where i post designs and there is an absence of design, i figured it was about time to change it up. sooo i'm just hoping no one will jack my swag or see any of this turn up on "you thought we wouldn't notice... dot com".

anyway, a month or two ago is when i graduated and during that time, we're supposed to create samples and leave behinds. I thought to leave behind some artwork i composed on illustrator cause I thought "it's something i like to do, and hopefully people will like my style". So without further adieu, i present these samples. people thought they were stickers and im thinking...thats not a bad idea.

if you want them sent to you as some sweet room decor...don't be afraid to holla. will put more designs! promise!

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