Wednesday, September 3, 2008

ventilation/ 9-3-08 @ 12:24

so this is my first post. it literally took me 2 minutes to start on of these. i needed to write out just how i feel at the moment. so i pronounce "van nuys" incorrectly--i guess i say van nice, but it's apparently "van eyes"....who the f*ck cares?! so i messed up. shoot me i don't f*ckin have a clue. IM NOT FROM HERE. my roommate corrected me. then i tell him i don't want to get into a battle of semantics, okay, maybe i applied the incorrect word, i can't think straight when i'm heated...then he goes on to say that he will argue semantics all he wants, "BUT WE'RE ARGUING PRONUNCIATION" i freaking care.


that's me in a nut shell. an optimist. a good guy. sometimes in a losing fight. but i'll stand up for what i believe in. seriously. sometimes i have a limit.

don't know who'll read this. but thanks

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